Eva Marie Jansen

Contemporary art

About the Artist

Eva is a travel and seascape artist. Based on the west coast of Norway she paints aerial seascapes of places she has traveled. Her colorful and detailed paintings show coastal- and beach-life from Norway, Portugal, France, Bali, Hawaii and beyond. 

Her paintings captures a birds-eye-view of surf, waves, boats and people living and enjoying life by the coast around the world. From fishing boats in Klitmøller, to the colorful parasols of Bali, the slow living of Sagres and the cold winter swell of Norway.

Eva grew up in the forest outside Halden, a small town in the east of Norway. She studied Art and Design education at the University of South East Norway and finished her Master degree there in 2012. She started painting aerial paintings of cities from a birds-eye-view during her studies and in 2013 she moved to Jæren on the west coast of Norway and fell in love with the landscape and living by the ocean. She picked up surfing shortly after and started traveling to other places around the world to paint and surf. ​​​​


" My paintings are a reflection of how I perceive my surroundings. The seascapes started evolving after I moved to the coast and started surfing. I like to paint from a birds-eye-view because you see all the little people or boats or beach umbrellas and how they create a kind of pattern. It also shows how small we are in comparison with the vast ocean, witch is the humbling feeling I have every time I dive in. Being in that element, and feeling the waves and tides connects me to the motion of the earth the moon, and the rhythm of nature. I use acrylic paint because its practical and versatile, but I like to play with transparency, and painting on maps and other backgrounds. The maps I collected on my travels and I think it gives the paintings another dimension. The maps are from the same area as the motif, so it's like a second birds-eye-view only from really far away. Like a meta-perspective maybe. I feel like my art and being in the ocean have a synergy effect, they inspire each other. " -Eva Marie Jansen 2018

When Eva is not teaching Art and Design at Jæren Folkehøgskule, she is traveling the world looking for inspiration. Sagres in the south of Portugal has become a second home. Bali, Hawaii and Australia is also among her favorite places to go. In 2020 and forward Sri Lanka, Vietnam and New Zealand are among some of the places on the itinerary. Every place have different hues and vibe, to inspire new paintings.



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